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ERISA-Related Articles by Michael A. McKuin


 A general introduction to the subject.

 ERISA-governed long term disability claims.

 If you have one, expect the fight of your life.

 This can make ERISA your worst nightmare.

How trust law and contract law mix like oil and water.

When the exception becomes the rule and the rule becomes the exception, what good is the rule?

Increasing insurance company profits, while denying necessary treatment to patients.

How ERISA can further compromise the rule of law as we know it.

This is the vehicle used to carry the "managed care" fraud into effect.

For psychiatric problems, eating disorders or substance abuse problems.

Managed care and claims personnel often refuse to understand the difference. 

How to side-step fiduciary responsibilities imposed by Federal law.

How insurance companies combine biased medical exams with bogus, self-generated vocational reports to deny legitimate disability claims.

The legacy of the METs of the 1970s and 1980s.

 The "non-sliding", sliding scale for reviewing decisions of conflicted ERISA fiduciaries.

Although the law has now changed, its footprint still tells a story.

The illusory nature of ERISA-governed benefits.

Insurance industry tricks of the trade.

Why they're important and what to expect.

The war is on but it could be heartbreak.

What you see ain't what you get.

Under ERISA insurance companies can get away with failing to deliver on their promises.

ERISA has redefined the basic concept of insurance.

How insurance companies use common everyday activities to undermine disability claims.

If you don't know the process, you'll forfeit valuable rights.

How insurance companies take multiple bites of the proverbial apple in deciding disability claims.

Perhaps it depends on which federal judge you ask. 

SSDI claims may be more relevant than you think. 

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Care & ERISA, delivered on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives by an
Iowa Republican, coupled with a reasonable proposal to end the ERISA -
Managed Care insanity.

Letter from Rep. Greg Ganske to Members of Congress
How subjective determinations of "Medical Necessity" can have tragic

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